How Do We Plant Our Trees?

Yes we really do plant a tree with each order. You might be thinking to yourself "How do they plant a tree?" "Where do they get the land to do that?" "Where exactly in the world do they plant them?" and probably many other questions. To answer what is on everyones mind, We plant a tree with the organization Team Trees. I'll even include the website for you to check out (It's at the bottom).
Why Team Trees?
Team Trees specifically plants trees in areas affected by deforestation. They help re-grow forests and have a solid team that ensures the trees are actually getting planted. Something worth mentioning is they plant everywhere in the world! So it's not just affecting California (where we're based) or USA for that matter, It affects everyone in the world! 
Why Not Plant The Tree Yourself?
It is true, you could plant the tree yourself, it only costs $1 USD to do so and the website is open to the public. However, when you purchase from Grey Archer you help support a small business. Eventually we want to grow our brand and use most of our proceeds to help the environment even more than what we are doing right now. We thank each and everyone of you who support our brand and our message. Together we will make our planet a healthier place for generations to come.

Team Trees Link
I encourage everyone to check out their website!